EDU Opens Module 1 of the Digital Didactics Microdegree for PISA4U

As a PISA4U Member, you are invited to immerse yourself in the world of digital didactics with our first module of the course: The Lesson Plan, between August 16 and August 29 . We are systematically drawing the complete arc from class design to assessment to make the most out of this new environment. 

You will have the chance to put it in practice and get feedback from peers from all over the world. This will broaden your range of teaching skills and you’ll be even better prepared to take on new challenges. 


  • educators for all age groups from all around the world 
  • interested in learning and applying online techniques 
  • focused on student-outcome


  • 4 synchronous sessions 
  • work asynchronously in groups of 4-6
  • personalized  feedback 
  • Expect to be busy for 1,5-2h every day for a total of 20-24h over the two weeks


  • Learn, practice and reflect about a range of methods that allow for quick, granular and global insights that can unlock significant student outcomes 
  • Learn about evidence-based ways to promote student engagement online
  • Share and learn from peers around the world some of the most impactful activities that work in real situations
  • Reflect on and practice clear, actionable, constructive feedback

This event is organised for free by EDU.

EDU is a private institution for higher education, founded in June 2018, with a vision to substantially increase the quality and accessibility of education. We want to change education with digital technologies and innovative learning practices. 

EDU is truly a digital native institution. Its degree course include Europe’s first digital medical school – EDU Medical and its course in Human Medicine. EDU’s state-of-the-art digital learning platform offers a 21st Century education model incorporating modern didactic methodologies and is fully accessible to students and learners wherever they are. EDU is operated by Digital Education Holdings Ltd. (DEH).

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