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Towards Hybrid Education

While reopening schools is a ubiquitous priority across OECD countries, the situation will not go back to pre COVID-19 conditions:  educational professionals will have to integrate health procedures ranging from regular health monitoring to partial or complete school closures when needed (Read the OECD report here). Schools will have to be ready to split up classes, temporarily replace teachers on short notice and offer remedial tracks when students cannot participate. Even if public policies are well calibrated and well communicated, local capacity in schools needs to expand dramatically to enable the required flexibility.

In this context, pisa4u is proposing an initiative of universal urgency: pisa4u 2020 – Hybrid Learning, which will connect educator communities around the globe to collectively tackle concerning challenges triggered by the pandemic. pisa4u 2020 directly addresses the present challenges by activating and broadening the pisa4u global educator community and by creating a framework for this community to systematically develop hybrid education. A series of free online trainings and websinars around hybrid learning are being launched in collaboration with EDU


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How does the PISA4U Network work?

Access expert webinars

Join our monthly webinar with education expert on a topic of your choice, and have a chance to participate in a live Q&A afterwards. Every month we will run an expert webinar on a different topic selected by the community.

Meet other educators

Meet experts in education practice and policy from around the world, and a community who will ensure you have the proper guidance, direction, and support to connect and succeed.

Share your story

Have a chance to share with the Network what you've accomplished or what you struggle with in the classroom, and this way have an impact on other teachers' didactic practices.

Receive personal feedback

Set up brain dates with educators you admire and also get a chance to participate in a 1:1 coaching session with an education expert. Have your ideas and challenges heard and suggestions made.

Learn from the best

Speak with an educator from Chile, an educational policy maker in Singapore, connect with teachers in your community to discuss common issues you are facing and come up with varying solutions.

Access exclusive content

The PISA4U Network gives you free access to carefully curated resources and educational content that will enrich your knowledge and elevate your teaching practice.


Results of the PISA4U 2017 Program

Lessons learned from the PISA4U pilot: The online programme for school improvement

The pilot edition of the PISA4U programme conducted in 2017 has resulted in the development of a passionate global community of educators working together to produce innovative ideas and to bring them into their own classrooms. While originally conceived for 2 000 participants, PISA4U has attracted more than 6 000 registered participants from 172 countries and school systems.

Overall, the PISA4U pilot programme has shown that educators around the world are in need of connection with, and support from, one another. They are motivated to address the challenges they face in their profession, eager to collaborate and share knowledge with one another, and determined to develop tangible solutions for change. As a result of the programme, participants created over 100 innovative teaching resources which are now available within the PISA4U global library of teaching resources and can be accessed by teachers and educators from around the world free of charge.

Read the report here.

About the Network

Welcome! We are excited to invite you to become a member of the PISA4U Network, one of the world’s largest growing online professional learning communities (PLC) for educators. Building from a global demand for PISA-related offerings, the PISA4U Network serves as a learning platform that consistently delivers fresh and effective content to educators like yourself on an ongoing basis. The Network is available to you whether you are deep in PISA4U course or in-between. This unique PLC is available free of charge to educational practitioners of all types, such as teachers, administrators, education policy actors, and educational researchers around the globe. The PISA4U Network is the space for you to collaborate with other teachers and other educators to share best practices, inspiration, and problem-solving ideas. Let’s get started!

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